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  1 DAVID SIZEMORE 5000POINTS + $1350.00
"Best all round, most memorable edit." Al Hooi
"Good feeling edit, well thought out tricks, and flawless rollerblading." Cameron Card
"His tricks are innovative, his style is solid, and he has great spot selection. Everyone is talking about the hurricane fish 3 and the hurricane top negative mis. Those tricks were so insane that people haven't even mentioned his opening trick (the makio transfer to top acid), which is deadly on that rail against the wall. Pretty sure he had a full grab on the hurricane fishy too." Jimmy Shuda
"Without hesitation (fast, big, tech, ..)" Johan Berthonneau
"Pure control, next level, absolutely outstanding." Jojo Jacobi
"This kid has turned into "The Man" these past couple of years in my opinion. It's amazing to see someone push the envelope. The 360 to Fish, 3 out while fully grabbed was jaw dropping. That is the obvious trick that stands out, but I really think it's the variety he brought to every spot that gave him this win. He does a bit of everything in this edit, and there is a high level of risk, difficulty, and precision from beginning to end." Louie Zamora

  2 NILS JANSONS 4500POINTS + $800.00
"Best Production, amazing skating, hammers and style." Al Hooi
"High production value with solid fast paced hammers." Cameron Card
"What can I say, the dude goes huge. That was a really really big disaster soul at the end and I think that was switch too? Plus he did an alleyoop unity on a giant drop square rail like it was nothing, and I loved that cab topsoul to transfer soul on the kink. Could have been more of a competition if he didn't use all of that flare and filler. That is fine for a normal edit but in a competition like this you only have one minute to show off your skills." Jimmy Shuda
"Showtime with hammers always works." Johan Berthonneau
"Best production, great watch, hammers." Jojo Jacobi
"Nils is a daredevil! I love the element of stunt skating mixed into this edit. Having won the Fan Vote last year, it seems like he knows what works. I like the filming in the edit, and he never fails to challenge himself. This entry could have used a few more bangers though, Well done." Louie Zamora

  3 BRIAN ARAGON 4000POINTS + $700.00
"Good variety of spots and tricks, super control." Al Hooi
"Always smooth, perfect landings, and a trick I'm pretty sure I've never seen before." Cameron Card
"That alleyoop wallride 5 was incredible. His style is so solid that you really have to watch this section a few times to realize the things he is doing are actually incredibly difficult. It wasn't until the second time around watching that I actually comprehended some of those bank to ledge tricks. I don't think he went as big as last year though or as big as Nils & Sizemore." Jimmy Shuda
"Prince!" Johan Berthonneau
"Control, variety of spots and tricks, two eye-catching tricks." Jojo Jacobi
"The Prince always comes correct! His style is controlled and precise. The wallride fakie 5 out was Amazing. Tricks like that are pushing the envelope, I only wish he had a better variety of spot selection." Louie Zamora

  4 JULIEN CUDOT 3500POINTS + $600.00
"Big spots, crazy tricks." Al Hooi
"High difficulty level mixed with average everything else." Cameron Card
"450 tru sav on that round ledge was bonkers. Though that flip was weird and crazy, he did it onto a mat. This isn't practice, it's a competition. I feel like he wasted some time showing himself wax a ledge and some falls instead of jamming the section full of more tricks. Plus Aragon, Sizemore, & Nils all showed off better style, and that's super important to me." Jimmy Shuda
"Julien is not a kid anymore." Johan Berthonneau
"Huge spots, good combinations but little trick diversity." Jojo Jacobi
"This kid had a lot of big tricks in this edit. Regardless if that double flip was on a Mat, it is still very difficult to do. He would have placed much higher on this list if he switched up the tricks he did throughout the spots. I counted 7 Unity/Savannah tricks in this entry. I like those tricks, but I would have rather seen a bigger variety from him. The ender was HUGE, but again a Unity/Savannah." Louie Zamora

"Good tricks, good style." Al Hooi
"Trick after trick with a bunch of them being high in difficulty all with masterful style." Cameron Card
"I could watch Montre alleyoop Porn 540 out all day, I could watch Montre skate all day. I really liked that farside alleyoop porn too...switch I guess? That student he almost ran into was mad nervous. I really think the only thing that held Montre back from placing higher was spot selection, he skated that one spot with the flat rails (forget what its called) too much so it got repetitive even though he was doing some really hard tricks there." Jimmy Shuda
"Easy ninja." Johan Berthonneau
"Style. Good trick diversity." Jojo Jacobi

  6 JEPH HOWARD 2500POINTS + $400.00
"Good spots and tricks, not enough hammers." Al Hooi
"Hammers all day." Cameron Card
"I really enjoyed watching Jeph's section. He's got hammers (his ender topsoul on the sign, the roof to drop royale, the transfer on that huge kink rail), and he has tech in there too (the tru makio on that out ledge next to the fence was crazy) and that backside on the curved droprail was AMAZING." Jimmy Shuda
"Big Balls." Johan Berthonneau
"Low production value, hard spots but not the most difficult tricks." Jojo Jacobi
"Jeph really impressed me with this edit, I love the ender with that launch to Top Soul. The sign is pretty short to grind, so I know that kind of trick is very risky with a huge drop off of it. That is what I like to call a "do or die" kind of trick. Overall, he did a wide range of tricks on a lot of different spots, great entry." Louie Zamora

"Good variety." Al Hooi
"Good production value, with solid rollerblading. Grinds and gaps." Cameron Card
"Some really big gaps to rails and the back fastlide at the end on the ledge. Demetrious went hard and I think should easily make it into the top ten." Jimmy Shuda
"Good mix of high tech and big stuff." Jojo Jacobi
"I really enjoyed his entry into this contest. He doesn't just exploit the fact that he can jump higher than everybody on blades, he showcased some risky decisions, and finesse on switchups. Demetrious has been skating on a high level for a very long time, I am glad he brought some of his best for this contest." Louie Zamora

  8 FRANKY MORALES 1500POINTS + $200.00
"Style, difficult tricks." Al Hooi
"Franky's rollerblading won't ever be boring to watch. With that said this footage wasn't him skating at the top of his game." Cameron Card
"He can make anything look good. I have a hard time placing any of the other sections ahead of him based on style alone." Jimmy Shuda
"Nice grinds but lack of variety to be on top of the contest." Johan Berthonneau
"Style, good production, but not as much powerful then previews parts." Jojo Jacobi
"This edit had a fresh element to it, don't know if it was the track he used, or just the overall clean style with every clip. I loved the triple soul transfer he did on the really low planter to end it." Louie Zamora

  9 MATHIAS SILHAN 1000POINTS + $100.00
"Good vibes, good style, good variety of tricks, made me want to skate." Al Hooi
"Styly and fresh footage! that video make me wanna ride right now." Johan Berthonneau
"He is in the Top 10 because of a few reasons, mainly because of that straight OG Backslide he did on that long down ledge. I also think that farside soul he did on that rolling ledge was pretty difficult, and he made it look casual. Always enjoy Matthias Blading, it was a clean edit." Louie Zamora

10 JEFF DALNAS 500POINTS + $50.00
"Good skating but not surprising enough." Al Hooi
"Jeff's been doing all this since he was still in diapers. Not enough variety." Cameron Card
"For the ender alone, he should be in the top ten. That was bonkers. Solid skating as usual from Jeff." Jimmy Shuda
"This meal was really really good but miss a bit of spicy for appreciate the full flavor." Johan Berthonneau
"Solid but missing a bigger surprise." Jojo Jacobi

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